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Universal Strumming Music Studio is located West of the Twin Cities near Excelsior in the Minneapolis suburbs. Universal Strumming offers on site lessons as well as lessons in your home.

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About Guitar Lessons at Universal Strumming
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UNIVERSAL STRUMMING STUDIO teaches all levels of ability from beginning to advanced on guitar and ukulele. The studio has a digital recorder so students can hear themselves play, a computer, flashcards, reference books and other learning aids. There's a comfortable lounge /waiting area, too. USS also offers a nylon stringed guitar for student use for an indefinite period free of charge when available. Please ask about current availability if interested. There also is a nylon string guitar in the studio for student's use during a lesson if a student didn't bring theirs.

TRADITIONAL LESSON PLANS: USS offers expert instruction and end of term recitals or recording projects for those students desiring performance experience. Lesson plans are flexible depending on the student's musical goals, but generally emphasize reading skills, music theory, ear training, improvisation and composition. I have method books I prefer, but always use self-created supplements to customize lessons to student’s abilities, though I can work with any method. There is a lot of duet playing with the teacher so student learns to play rhythms accurately.

SUZUKI GUITAR: the world famous approach to early music education is now offered through the Universal Strumming Studio. The "Every Child Can!" philosophy is practical and optimistic bringing out the best in each child. The aim is not only to create a good musician, but a fine human being, too. Being part of the Suzuki community promises much support for student, parent and teacher. Please view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ql3VIM5uN8s as an introduction to Suzuki Talent Education for guitar.

READING SKILLS: from learning basics of standard notation and tablature to working with complex structures.
MUSIC THEORY: music is more effectively played when underlying structures of music are understood.
EAR TRAINING: works with identifying sounds heard such as interval and chord qualities.
IMPROVISATION: usually in the form of duets with the teacher. Encourages getting in touch with one's creativity.
COMPOSITION: arranging and creating original compositions.
ENSEMBLE WORK: students working in duets, trios and quartets together.
RECITALS: end of term recitals and/or recording projects in professional studios are offered.

ABOUT THE TEACHER: Jay Gordon is a classical guitarist and composer. He teaches all levels of ability on guitar emphasizing basic skills, and teaches guitar techniques using a pick as well as open hand or finger picking style. This provides a firm foundation, which can be employed in all styles of music to good advantage. He is well versed in Classical music and contemporary idioms as well (Jazz & Rock) and has over forty years experience playing and teaching guitar. Since earning a bachelors at the University of Minnesota, he's been active as guitarist, composer, teacher and concert producer. His music making has an international profile having been performed in Europe as well as North America and has had commissions with The Dale Warland Singers, Cantus and The National Lutheran Choir.

More information, score and sound samples and music available for purchase at "The Music of Jay Gordon".

THE NAME: It was in the Baroque when "guitar mania" first occured. In the court of Charles II, it is said, that in reference to a popular piece, "the whole guitarery were trying at it and God knows what a universal strumming there was."