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Solo Guitar Transcriptions

Original Guitar Duets

Guitar Duet Transcriptions

Guitar with Other Forces


Work in progress:
Pray for Us, St. Bernard, 1153-1953
for guitar solo

Guitar Works by Jay Gordon


Waldeinsamkeit for solo guitar 2017
A work based on the German word for feeling one with the forest.

Gethsemane for solo guitar 2016
A short simple folk-like tune.

After Doullant for solo guitar 2015
A work that explores Renaissance composer John Dowland’s “Semper Douland, Semper Dolans” (Dowland is ever doleful). It traces styles from different eras, but is mainly inspired by Dowland’s lengthy chromatic fantasies for solo lute.

Flower Parts for solo guitar 2015
Five short pieces: Calyx, Style, Filament, Nectary and Pedicel.

Reliquishment for solo guitar 2014
Mysterious and tender music where much of the writing is above the 12th fret.

My Soul Knows Only Wind and Sun for solo guitar 2014
Movement 7 from the choral work From the Portuguese of Fernando Pessoa for SATT and guitar

The Split-Open Sky for solo guitar 2012
animated by the words of Jesus, Buddha and Monhammed. Based on the choral work of the same name.
1/ Kindly Eyes
2/ Lord's Prayer
3/ Two Sparrows
4/ Yes and no
5/ The law
6/ Haste
7/ Keep awake
8/ In the fields
9/ Summer cloud
10/ Trust in providence

That Lonesome Trail for guitar solo 2011
humor combined with serious music. It asks what would the classical guitar be like in the Wild West of yore.
1/ The Good Guys and the Bad Guys
2/ The Congregation of Wildflowers
3/ Thunder at Horse Canyon
4/ The Last Sunset

Minneapolis Idyll for guitar solo 2011
smokey hued rumination on the transition from summer to autumn

The Impossible Trees for guitar solo (also guitar duet and flute /guitar versions) 2010
lengthy, but fun work with some technical challenge and French and Brazilian influences

LISTENING POINT for guitar solo 2008
inspired by Sigurd Olson’s book of nature studies of the same name
1/ Warming Colors
2/ Advantages of Solitude
3/ Hundred Thousand Years

Royale Rhythms and Accents for guitar solo 2007
music for the landscape found on Isle Royale in Lake Superior
1/ Inner Reef
2/ Dead Horse Rocks
3/ Starvation Point
4/ Mount Desor
5/ Ollie's Dog's Rocks
6/ Little Boat

Midwest Locations for guitar solo 2005
based on street names in the quintessentially Midwestern town of Galesburg, IL
1/ Losey Blues
2/ Prairie Solo
3/ Seminary Street

Superbliss Machine Embrace for guitar solo 2001
a lengthy meandering work exploring the concept of ultimate reality

The Gallant Dances for solo guitar 1996
short and light harmonically colorful dances
1/ Tempiletta
2/ Parvenu
3/ Osceoliano
4/ Octaves

Silence is Thunder for solo guitar 1995
harmonically dense but with much forward motion

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Prelude (Asturias) from Chants D'Espagne, Issac Albeniz

No. 3 Sevilla from Suite Espagnole, Issac Albeniz

Spanish Dance No. 11, Enrique Granados

Escenas Poeticas, Books 1 & 2, Enrique Granados

The Quail's Impromptu, Enrique Granados

Puerta de Tierra, Issac Albeniz

Minuet, Handel

Adagio for Strings Op.11, Samuel Barber

Un Bal from Symphonie Fantastique, Hector Berlioz

Trois beaux oiseaux du Paradis, Ravel

Andantino, September, the Andantino from the 3rd Symphony of Jean Sibelius

O Come, O Come Immanuel, Traditional
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LISTENING POINT for guitar duet 2011
inspired by Sigurd Olson’s book of nature studies of the same name
1/ Warming Colors
2/ Advantages of Solitude
3/ Hundred Thousand Years

Poor Flowers for guitar duet 2011
a soft, impressionistic piece from my choral work on Pessoa

The Impossible Trees for guitar duet 2010
lengthy, but fun work with some technical challenge and French and Brazilian influences
(Available as guitar duet and for flute and guitar, too)

Diggunim Trees for guitar duet, recording available at online sources 2006
one guitar is notated, the other improvised. Buddhist inspired meditations on landscape based on
Ajahn Chah quote: “Seeing Nature, one knows the Dhamma”.
1/ Sun Concentration
2/ Grass Circle
3/ Ashes
4/ Diggunim Trees
5/ Blossoms and Shadows
6/ Flower Cut-Outs
7/ Twilight Clouds
8/ Snow Flying
9/ Numberless Days
10/ Taiga Thrum
11/ Metta (Loving-kindness)
12/ Karuna (Compassion)
13/ Mudita (Appreciative Joy)
14/ Upekkha (Equanimity)
15/ Te Mayam (All of Us)

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Inventions 1, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, J. S. Bach

Pavane, Gabriel Faure

Eight Poetic Waltzes, Enrique Granados

Six Pieces from the motion picture The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Alexandre Desplat
1/ Children's Games
2/ Postcards
3/ Nothing Lasts
4/ Daisy's Ballet Career
5/ Sunrise on Lake Pontchartrain
6/ Bejamin and Daisy

March of a Marionette, Charles Gounod
famous theme from the television show The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

Preludio, originally for organ, Polleri

Serenata, originally for piano, Polleri
Giovanni Polleri (1855-1923) is not a well known Italian composer.
These scores, which were found at a garage sale, are beautiful on two guitars.

Farewell to Stromness, Peter Maxwell Davies

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LISTENING POINT for mandolin and guitar 2016 inspired by Sigurd Olson’s book of nature studies of the same name
1/ Tuning Up Around an Indian Camp
2/ Warming Colors
3/ Advantages of Solitude
4/ Cold Acid Medium
5/ Hundred Thousand Years
6/ The Long Blue Sentences

Daimonelix for mandolin and guitar, recorded for "American Music for Mandolin and Guitar" on Naxos label 2012
music evoking a mysterious landscape found in Northwestern Nebraska

The Uses of Winter for mixed voices and guitar 2006
a positive view of winter from Henry David Thoreau’s journal (1841–54)

The Impossible Trees for flute and guitar 2010
lengthy, but fun work with some technical challenge and French and Brazilian influences.
(Available as guitar duet and guitar solo, too).

Agents of Memory and Loss for violin and guitar 1999
theme and variations form in a work showcasing primitive moods and lush murmurs.

From the Portuguese of Fernando Pessoa, a setting of nine poems for SATT and guitar 1998
innocent settings of Zen-like poems from the 1914 collection The Keeper of Sheep.

A Crown of Stars for mixed choir and guitar 1995
text combines the Magi story with seasonal nature imagery

Anticipation, recollection, seven movements for clarinet and guitar 1996
two dissimilar musical gestures stand side by side. The points of contact between them can carry a charge, and stimulate new ways of thinking and feeling.
1/ Colloquy, Drinking Tea
2/ No Paradise in the East, No Paradise in the West
3/ Points of the Great Cedars, Broken Sound
4/ Thistle, Ancient Smile
5/ Poem by Gudo, the Green Ash Pail
6/ Telegraphic Trees, the Outside Steps
7/ Wayside, Raining

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[transmission of light] for flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, bassoon, contrabassoon, cello and contrabass 2000
the title is from the Japanese "denkoroku" meaning the spiritual illumination transmitted from guru to student, though in this case, nature is the “guru” and we are the students